Bring the madness, and magic happens.

All it takes is one crazy scientist with a dream.

Or a vision. Or a touch of madness. Or in the case of vintner Dennis Romankowski, all of the above. A sommelier and environmental biologist, he and his wife Gina have built a micro-winery at 7,000 feet elevation, 700 miles from the grapes. Even for urban winemaking, that’s pretty extreme.

But it works. Just taste it. (We'll wait...)

Vines? We don't need no stinking vines.

At least not in the back yard. Dennis finds great grapes in places like Napa and Sonoma, hauls them here to Park City, and works his magic. In the winery right behind the High Altitude Tasting Room, he crafts single varietals and intense blends. The result? Wine. Good wine. Good enough to make you say, "Hey, Park City wine is NOT a punchline to a joke!" Why should California have all the fun?

What on earth does "Cognition" have to do with it?

Cognition is gaining knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Cognitive disconnect is thinking, "Wine made in Park City? Come on!" Then, you cognify it all by tasting that wine, slapping yourself on the forehead, and like the popping of a cork, you suddenly gain the knowledge and understanding that yes, it is possible. Good wines with great friends in a fabulous place. It's about doing it all a certain way: Life uncorked.