The Winery

Tour and Taste

Great wines produced here in the Wasatch Back?

Is that even possible? If you have a passion for wine, you'll find that  passion shared at Cognition Winery. It's that passion that fuels an  unlikely reality here at 7,000 feet elevation.

Right here in Park City, Cognition was born of a love of wine and  a willingness to challenge the status quo. Made with select Napa  grapes, Cognition Winery's first wines are ready for tasting...

Our Grapes

While skiers and those who love the outdoors thrive in Park City, grapes do not.  So Dennis found the best possible grapes from Napa and Sonoma. The  result is a gradually burgeoning line of Cognition Winery varietals and  blends. And really, the proof is in the tasting.

If you'd like to taste the wine for yourself,  Cognition Winery offers tastings by appointment with the winemaker.  There is a small fee associated with tastings. To arrange a for a winery tour, please call us.

It takes only
one crazy scientist
with a dream...


Buy Direct

Cognition wines are not available in the Utah State Liquor Stores.  Please visit one of our locations to buy direct from us or join the Cognitive Friends Wine Club and have wine shipped to you!  Unless of course you live in Utah and then we have wine club events where you can pick your wine up at the winery after the event.

For more information - go to the Wine Club page on this site.